Cube hotel creativity, expertise and experience. The Cube JV team is passionate about developing, implementing, continuously adjusting and optimizing mobile living concepts. The team offers several years of experience in the leisure and tourism industry, in sales and management consultancy, and in the production of lightweight building.

Prerequisites for managing a cube hotel:

  • Construction permit for the complex
  • Internet connectivity (WLAN) and electrical supply
  • Boarding house (Central area for reception desk, restaurant/catering)
  • Accommodation CabinCube standard 2 beds & XL 4 beds or WC/shower
  • Operating software for the booking process
  • CabinCube- to be ordered optionally; bar, fitness, sauna, children’s play area, library, prayer room etc.

Material advantages:

  • Cost effective truck or container transport due to standard dimensions
  • Short delivery times and low building price through serial production
  • Low energy cost. 40 – 80mm wall thickness
  • Extremely fast assembly time
  • Immediate use possible
  • No cracks or infestation
  • Non-allergic, no metals
  • Maintenance free due to synthetic materials
  • Hurricane and earthquake safe

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